Solid Italian beauty


Cialente Marble is a historic business that was born in L’Aquila, Italy. L’Aquila is an amazing, medieval city that is symbolic of antique art, respected as the cradle of secular tradition. The impressive hands and craftsmanship of Antonio Cialente, together with his collaborators of skilled artists, always create unique pieces of art. Modern machinery combined with technology lessen man’s fatigue while achieving a desirable goal. The desired objective is to transport a timeless, impressive work of art into our client’s homes.


Every action is a marriage between our client’s ideas and desires and our expert stonemason’s inspiration.The first step is to create a design on paper, which is always the most fertile ground for creativity. When, and only when, the idea is clear, concise and solid, we can move forward with the technological aspect of the design. Our technological program is advanced and reliable. It beautifully supports and further develops our experts hand-crafted designs.

Design is the inspiration that guides the technology.


There’s a particular moment in time when a design develops into a creation destined to last for all future generations to enjoy. We only use very reliable and advanced technology to develop our expert stonemason’s designs when working with our stone. The end result is absolutely magical and this magic is enhanced when our experts professionally add their human touch to create a true masterpiece.

Stone can have many intriguing souls.



At this point, our exceptional work of art is ready to be transported to its permanent location, to be admired and cherished! It is guaranteed to start a never ending love story. The beauty and elegance of the masterpieces with bold and flexible curves will make a delightful impact on  the hearts of those who see it,  at first glance and always.

Ready to became a part of history.


Cialente Marmi

Via Monticchio Monticchio (AQ)
67100 L’Aquila – Italia
Telefono: +39 0862 442028
Fax: +39 0862 441740

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